What is this site for?

Kichu has released a book: Clinical Examination - A Problem Based Approach

This is a website devoted to physical examination for medical students and doctors.

The purpose of the site is to create an open content textbook that can be used by anyone, anywhere at no cost.

This is a new and experimental way of writing and publishing books for a medical audience. In this content management system, , the authors create the pages, and the readers and users of the information can comment to the author on areas that aren't well explained, are wrong or where they think there are better ways of doing or explaining things. These comments are visible to other readers.

I intend this book primarily intended for trainees in Internal Medicine. I hope it is also useful to medical students, interns, residents, neurology trainees, and that even experienced physicians and neurologists may find something useful.

I plan to write the outline of the chapter on neurological examination, and I hope my colleagues, doctors and medical students will join in to make this the best resource possible. I will do my best to acknowledge contributions appropriately.

This chapter may ultimately be published in a textbook, which raises some copyright issues, mainly for the publisher. See my disclaimer. Any comments posted to this site are done so on the clear understanding that copyright ownership of the comment is thereby transferred to me. I have no plans to profit personally from this copyright transfer.

David Abernethy 25 April 06